Sunday, 22 April 2018

Vegan Violet Chocolate Layer Cake with Violet Buttercream

I am quite partial to violet - I think its my way of harping back to my childhood days when I adored Parma violets whereas my school friends loved the love hearts if you were a girl or fizzers if they were a boy.  It was a time of gender stereotypes.  I am so pleased that times are changing and people are more accepting, if not more tolerant.  

So much is my fondness for violet that I got D to make me Violet Gin last Christmas!.
This Vegan Violet Chocolate Layer Cake with Violet 'Buttercream' Cake had intended to be a super duper three layer cake, but I managed to drop one of the sponges when it came out of the tin. I usually just go with the flow when I mess up, but this particular day I actually got stroppy and was quite miffed with myself.  I was really looking forward to having a go at making a three layer cake and had set myself a goal to achieve it, but it was not to be.  I picked up the bashed chocolate crumbly pieces from the kitchen floor and chucked it in the bin, sweeping the crumbs afterwards.  So instead this Vegan Violet Chocolate Layer Cake with Violet 'Buttercream' Icing  its just two layers.  I hope to give it a go again and make three layers.  You betcha!
I scattered over some dried edible cornflowers, but deep down I wish I I could have adored it with real violets.  I just don't have a sharp eye to spot them amongst the green.  Yes, crystallised violets are available, but I don't enjoy them so much these days as I find them just too sugary.  

I was well impressed with the violet butter cream icing. The flavour of the violet came through and the violet colour was spot on.  However, in my attempt to spread it on the cake requires more practise and of course, the right tools - a spatula is often not enough.
D had a piece, but he confessed that he actually preferred the vegetarian Parsnip and Violet Cake  that I have made in the past.  Truth be told, he is not that keen on vegan cakes, but he will still eat them, just not necessarily enjoy them that much. 

I am sharing this Vegan Violet Chocolate Layer Cake with Violet 'Buttercream' Icing  with Tin and Thyme for We Should Cocoa .

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Coriander Potato, Red Pepper and Corn Salad

I am quite pleased with myself today.  I feel like between the two of us, we have accomplished something.

We got up and spent all morning in the garden allotment plot while the summer sun was out for Springtime.  D tied back the unruly climbing and trailing rose stems.  He also transferred some of the herbs into bigger plots. I cleared a plot today and whilst I was weeding, I found myself  actually enjoying the weeding, removing the woven weeds from the soil was quite therapeutic.  My body will ache in a couple of days, but that's its way of saying - exercise more.  I will share progress later in the week as we intend to spend some more time in the garden allotment plot either later today or tomorrow (providing the heavy rain stays away).

I was also quite pleased  to have some left over salad in the fridge (a bit like this one) as I did not want to make something having spent hours in the garden toiling.  
This particular Coriander Potato, Red Pepper and Corn Salad was made a while back with what we had in the house having not been out grocery shopping that weekend.

I know some people are not that keen on coriander, my youngest brother being one of them - but I love it. So this Coriander Potato, Red Pepper and Corn Salad appealed to me.  The zesty coriander injected flavour into mediocre new potato's from the supermarket, the red pepper gave it crunch and colour and the tinned sweetcorn, burst of sweetness.  Once you took a forkful, your mouth is further teased by the popping of mustard seeds.  I liked it
I am sharing this Orzo Pasta Salad with Soups, Salads and Sammies hosted by Kahakai Kitchen.  

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Ras el Hanout Cashew Nuts

The April weather continues to tease us.  Yesterday, the sun was shining and I actually walked about without my raincoat.  Then we woke up today and its spitting rain.  Its late afternoon and its still raining.  So today, we play catch up with laundry and house work related stuff. 

Whilst going through some of the kitchen cupboards, I came across a packet of ras al hanout;  purchased it for  Moroccan Tagine with Spiced Seed Confetti,, but I find that I rarely use it as I often have all the spices at home to make from scratch, but as a person who dislikes waste.  I decided to use  the ras al hanout to coat some cashew nuts. 
This recipe is inspired by the Rosemary Cashew Nuts I made earlier in the year.  Once made and cooled down, I tipped them carefully into a recycled jar from Douwe Egberts Coffee (my instant coffee of choice).  Every time I go into the kitchen to make a cuppa, I find my mitts reaching into the jar and munching some.  

Friday, 13 April 2018

Three Coloured Pasta with Roasted Squash and Sage

I have had a manic week, so I am pleased to note it is Friday.

The weather is predicted to be overcast, but that has not stopped us from making plans to get out of bed early and drive somewhere new to explore.  What exciting plans do you have for the weekend
While you ponder my question, I will share with you a Three coloured Pasta Salad that I made early in the week for the working week.  

The three coloured pastas are: tomato, spinach and plain. It bulked up with roasted squash and sage and a good grating of vegan cheese. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Chunky Turnip and Urad Dal - Lentil Stew

The weather here continues to be miserable and as much as I am trying for it not to bother me, its actually beginning to bring me down.   I had to wait for a bus recently, nothing unusual about that, I do that every working day.  But there was no bus shelter at this particular stop and I was getting wet, really wet.  Sodden in fact, even with my raincoat on.  Yes I was feeling a bit grumpy. 
So some of you may have noted, we have been eating a lot of soups, stews and one pot dishes.
This stew was cobbled together with what we had at home, which was very little at the time.

I often make this stew with red lentils, but had a packet of Urad Dal which is black gram without the skin.  Its perhaps my least favourite legume, but I do still try and eat it.  Its actually been a while since I cooked with it, the last time it was Urad Dal with poppy seeds.  

Sunday, 8 April 2018

One Pot Curried Red Chard, Butternut Squash, Chestnut Mushroom with White Beans

April weather has been teasing us - a peek of sunshine, followed rather quickly by a burst of rain - I know its not called 'April Showers' for nothing.  The point is, its still not very warm and we are still tucking into autumnal coloured food.  In fact, let me forewarn you in advance, this week my blog will feature food that is mostly orange in colour.   

Here is my One Pot Curried Butternut Squash, Red Chard, Chestnut Mushrooms and White Beans.  Food that glows and food that warms the belly.
I really dislike using the word 'curried', as its used so lazily these days, but this One Pot Butternut Squash, Red Chard, Chestnut Mushrooms and White Beans recipe is actually curried.  The recipe is also inspired and adapted from Anjum Anand.  It was surprisingly quite good.  

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

April In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen... 
I have some red Chard and leeks (not shown) harvested from the allotment garden plot over the Easter weekend. 
In My Kitchen, some ethically sourced Brown Rice from smallholders in Malawi.  It was being sold in my workplace by a charity to raise awareness of Fairtrade fortnight.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Apple, Fennel, Grape and Poppy Seed Salad

The Easter long weekend was a relatively chilled one.  On Good Friday, we stayed at home. It was wet.  On Saturday we went to Abergavenny . It was drizzly. And yesterday we were in the allotment garden plot.  I did a little bit of digging and weeding, but mostly I helped D replace the numerous smashed glass panes in the greenhouse, so that it can be used for growing seedlings again, though we both know that we are again, a month or so behind many other allotment-holders and vegetable growers.  

Whilst out in the allotment garden plot we saw an amazing sight.  Two herons flying directly above us.   Herons do indeed look like birds from a prehistoric time. For a few moments, they sat on a tree, then they flew off making as much noise as they arrived . We have seen some amazing birds since moving here, but to see herons flying above us, now that was Amazing. 

Today, its Monday - a Bank Holiday in the UK and yes, of course it is raining hard outside. 
Early on in the week, I made some Jamaican Jerk Spiced Scotch eggs, but today I share a Apple, Fennel, Grape and Poppy Seed Salad. 
In my attempt to eat more salads, and this is a way I can also get more fruit into D's diet too.  It was lovely. Crunch from the apple, celery and fennel. Nuttiness from the almonds. Saltiness from the feta cheese offset the sweetness of the apple and a burst of juice from the red grapes. It was different from a green salad often made with a variety of green lettuce leafs.
The only problem I had with this salad, the poppy and mustard seeds getting stuck between my teeth.  So remember to floss. 

I am sharing this  Apple, Fennel and Poppy Seed Dressing Salad with Souper Sundays hosted by Kahakai Kitchen

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Welcoming Your April Seasonal Eat Your Greens

Hello April.

Well what a bright day it is outside.  The sun is shining, but of course that does not mean its warm.  I am just glad it is is not raining as it gives me an opportunity to spend a few hours in the allotment garden plot.  

Its also my turn to host this months Eat Your Greens challenge.  Firstly though, I must  say a very big Thank You to my co-host The VegHog for being a star and hosting the past couple of months as I have been a little distracted with things. The Veg Hog did a stellar job and you can see some of the inspiring Eat Your Greens contributions on the  Round Up.

I've also finally got round to doing a brand new #EatYourGreens challenge Logo. Hurrah!
To participate this month in the #EatYourGreens challenge you just make a vegan or vegetarian recipe that is made with green vegetables or fruit on your blog.  

For more details Follow this link on how to participate just please remember to link back to the host page (this page) and co-host The VegHog.   The use of the new #EatYourGreens logo is optional, but is appreciated.  The deadline is the 29th April 2018 and the Round up will be on the 1st May.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Bowl of Butter Beans with Kalettes

D keeps asking me 'Are there any cookbooks you want?'  

He knows, its a silly question as I will always say Yes.  But recently I haven't been saying 'yes' as I have to be realistic.  Will I ever cook from all these cookbooks?  I am trying, honestly.  I won't tell you how many cookbooks I have, but my bookshelf is burgeoning, that it  just looks a mess.  So, I have been having a slow sneaky clear out of cookbooks that I know that I will not really use, starting with celebrity chefs: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as it happens (and his new River Cottage merchandise will only come into my home now via the library which I have been frequently a lot in recent years.  Don't be upset with me Hugh I still have a signed copy of you DVD and your Veg Every Day).  D does not know that I am doing this (yet) and I don't really want him to notice it yet as he thinks we have space in our home right now.  Part of me agrees and part of me does not, and hey if he wants to treat me to some more cookbooks, well I better make some room.

Anyway onto food. I made this Butter Bean and Kalette recipe around the time I made Butter Beans with Red Pepper Hearts , as I had some cooked butter beans left and wanted to use them up quickly.  
For those of you scrolling to the bottom of the page in search of the recipe, will have to forgive me as I cannot remember the recipe for this Butter Bean and Kalette dish.  I do however remember it being very simple and light like a broth and the butter beans just melted.  The original recipe had Brussels sprouts, but as I am not that keen on them, I changed it with kalettes also known as purple flower spouts that were in season at the time.  
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Purple Flower Sprouts, they are a hybrid of Brussels Sprouts and Kale.    
I am sharing this  green and white bowl of Butter Beans and Kalettes with Souper Sundays hosted by Kahakai Kitchen

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Snow Capped Meringue Brownie Bites

One of my cute nieces and she is rather cute came over for a visit and stayed most of the afternoon.

I had picked up some ready made mini meringues from the supermarket for a speedy dessert with fruit and whipped cream, but the niece hinted for brownies. I couldn't say no to that beautiful face.    

We topped the Brownies with some mini meringues dubbed as snow.  
She normally likes her brownies plain and pure, without fruit or any other fancy toppings, but was rather forgiving of these mini meringues.  D thought it was a slightly odd combination, but welcomed them with a dollop of whipped cream. 
I am sharing these with Tin and Thyme for We Should Cocoa .

Friday, 23 March 2018

Vegetarian Quorn 'Chicken' Vindaloo

I actually started writing this blog post when it was day four of snow.  It was when we had the extraordinary weather starting with a blast of cold from Siberia which was dubbed as 'The Beast from the East' then followed quickly by blizzards, strong winds, drifting snow and a storm.  This was then followed by a rare phenomenon of freezing rain.   The snow outside our front door was just over 3 foot high. I think this may be the worse I have seen it in my adult life and made more difficult because we live in the valleys.    Then we saw more snow this weekend which left us stuck at home as the roads were treacherous to drive on.  And apparently  that is not the end, as I have heard that Easter weekend welcomes a a cold Arctic blast from Scandinavia. I cannot wait for Spring to properly start. 

All I can say is Thank goodness for having dried goods and some stuff in our little freezer.  
This is not a sponsored blog post
Vindaloo is traditionally made with pork, but this version is substituted the chicken breasts with Quorn 'chicken' fillets .  In fact, I think its better to make this dish a day in advance, as the Quorn fillets became succulent by absorbing  and taking on some of the flavours from the sauce. 
The flavours in this vegetarian Vindaloo were interesting, and why would it not be with spices like star anise, cinnamon stick, black peppercorns and then white wine vinegar for piquancy.  It was also hot, but its not a volatile vindaloo - still  I have to confess the older I am becoming, my tolerance of chili is dwindling. Would it be terrible of me to admit, that my desire of chocolate is almost non existent, but that is another topic.

Disclaimer*: I have been using Quorn products well before blogs became PR and  monetary commodities.  This is not sponsored blog post, I have not been given this product free or paid by Quorn in any way.  
Adapted from this recipe.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Great Brick Lego Safari in Cardiff

I've mentioned before that every so often I will go into the city of Cardiff, sometimes for window shopping or sometimes for pleasure, but last month I found myself in Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay. 

As I turned the corner I was surprised to see the Mermaid Quay had become a temporary home to 12 life size wild animals made from Lego courtesy of Bright Bricks.  
Its the second time that Bright Bricks Great Brick Safari has been on display in Wales and you cannot help, but be impressed.  
The detail on the lion is quite amazing. If you look closely next to the lion there is a cub.

Life size African elephant which stands 2.5 metres high.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Black Beans and Tempeh Chili

What a difference a day certainly makes.

Yesterday, I couldn't even get out of the street as the roads were dangerously icy, as well as the pavements.  There was no grit put on the roads where we live as our roads are not a priority, understandably so.  The only cars just about moving were 4 bx 4 cars, SUVs and vans.  D did try to leave in the early hours of the morning, but the wheels on the car just turned and screamed on the ice.  From the window.  I observed other neighbours try too - but eventually give up, which I think was wise rather than have an accident on icy road conditions.  I rung in with my genuine excuse and had to take it as a 'holiday'.  It was back to work today and there was no sign of snow or ice, yes what a difference a day makes.

I made this tempeh chilli around the same time as I made the Luxurious Hazelnut Tempeh Pate 
Tempeh is a popular fermented soy cake.  It has been eaten for hundreds of years in South East Asia, particularly in countries like Indonesia where dishes like Oseng-Oseng and Tempeh Bacem are popular.  However in the west, tempeh has become a vegetarian and vegan substitute for meat, often found on a breakfast plate replacing bacon. Here I am trying to use it in its own right as an additional ingredient.

The tempeh in this Black Turtle Beans Chili made for a pleasant change.  Neither of us are that keen on tempeh, but we enjoyed the texture it added. We not only enjoyed it over white Basmati rice, but also as Enchiladas and also straight out of a bowl with a spoon. 

Do you have any favourite recipes that you make with Tempeh ? Please let me know.

I am sharing this colourful bowl of Tempeh Chili with Black Turtle Beans  with Soups, Salads and Sammies hosted by Kahakai Kitchen. and with Motions and Emotions is hosting MLLA My Legume Love Affair this month as this dish contains not only black beans, but the tempeh is made with soy beans.  MLLA was started by The Well Seasoned Cook and now run by Lisa's Kitchen

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Iranian Pearl Barley Soup - Ash-e Jo Jow

The snow flakes had been drifting past our window on and off yesterday, so it was no surprise to wake up to a blanket of snow outside.  I guess its another day to stay indoors and be lazy, thank goodness for weekends; and even more thankful for having my own shelter to call  'home' and stay warm.
Yesterday, I had a proper lazy Saturday.  I mean really lazy, I watched an American film and a National Geographic documentary called LA92 about the 1992 Los Angeles protests and riots.  Today, will probably be the same with some cooking in between and a little ironing in readiness for the coming working week tomorrow.

Now onto food.  We finished of eating the last of this Iranian Pearl Barley Soup known as Ash-e Jo or Ash-e-Jow .  It looks deceptively plain, but it has so much depth and flavour mostly from the fresh herbs.  As well as barley and chickpeas which are visible, there are lots of greens in it such as spinach, dill and coriander and a homegrown leek which came from my own allotment garden plot.  We both loved  this Iranian Pearl Barley Soup that I will definitely make it again.
I am sharing this Iranian Pearl Barley Soup - Ash-e Jo ; Jow with The Veg Hog  who is kindly hosting #EatYourGreens Vegetarian and Vegan Blog challenge this month.  Please do join in.  For those of you who have not participated before, please Follow this link on how to join in ; and with Soups, Salads and Sammies hosted by Kahakai Kitchen.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Luxurious Hazelnut Tempeh Pate

I made this Luxurious Hazelnut Tempeh Pate a few weeks back when I needed a bit of a mental break and sometimes kitchen therapy helps.

The Hazelnut Tempeh Pate is packed with rich flavours.
This vegan meat-free Pate seriously puts those tube ones to shame, but I understand there place as I have used them in the past and see their convenience when time is of the essence. But if you want to impress or just want a pate with deep 'meaty' flavours, then it is definitely making your own from scratch.  
This Hazelnut Tempeh Pate does  take time to make, but its well worth the effort when plated up and served to your guests with good crusty bread.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Aloe Vera In My Kitchen

One again, I really thought I was not going to be able to join in with In My Kitchen this month, but here I am with a few little bits in my kitchen and some in cupboards.
March sees lots of daffodils around Wales, but sadly this year many of them got crushed by the extraordinary weather: blizzards, strong winds, drifting snow and bitter cold and a storm.  This was then followed by a rare phenomenon of freezing rain, yes rain drops that freeze.  

I don't have any happy yellow daffodils to share with you today, but instead I share with you two house plants that are not in my kitchen as there is no room on the window sill, so they are upstairs in one of the rooms.  The cactus given to me by my mother and the other - an Aloe Vera by a new work colleague who happens to be from Mauritius, who is becoming a friend.   I must confess, even though I do well growing vegetables and herbs in my allotment garden plot, house plants are another story.  Cacti and Aloe Vera are the two that do relatively well without much help from me, so I am very pleased to have them.  

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Welsh Laverbread, Leek and Potato Samosa

Happy St David's Day.

For St David's Day, I decided to give the Welsh cakes, Bara Brith and Cawl - all vegetarian and vegan versions of course -  a miss.
This year, I wanted to make something that both acknowledged and celebrates my South Asian heritage and my Welsh root and shoots - Yes, a little bit of fusion  with this home-made Welsh Laverbread, Leek and Potato Samosa.  Yes that favourite South Asian moreish snack filled with spicy goodness and then encased in a crispy and flaky pastry.
There is not much growing in my garden at the moment, but as a Welsh woman I am proud to say there are some leeks (and some red Chard). 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Giant Cous Cous Salad

Is it the weekend yet?

I know I should not be wishing my life away, but its been a busy week with me having to work two late evenings that meant that I did not get home until just after 10 made, so I am ready for a break. 
Also I guess we are still far away from the weekend if I am about to talk about my work lunch.

I had not planned to make this Giant Cous Cous Salad, but we had nothing in the fridge as that particular weekend neither of us felt well enough to leave the house and venture far.  In the fridge I found half a butternut squash left over from Tagine I made a few days back and some red peppers.  I know peppers are not in season, I know that - but I always have them  for colour and for convenience to throw together dishes like this; and for some reason I had picked up a fennel bulb.  I also came across a packet of Jumbo or Giant Cous Cous that I thought would make a change from our usual pasta salad lunches. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Red Pepper Hearts and Butter Beans

I made one of my favourite and standby Chili recipes in readiness for the upcoming working week, but for a change I substituted the Black Beans with Butter Bean; and of course with Valentines Day being around the corner, I thought I would adorn the naked butter beans with some Red Pepper hearts.

Truth is though, we don't do Valentines - we never really have.  I just like any excuse to bring out my heart shaped cookie cutters and play with them for either sweet or savoury dishes.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

A Whole Lot of Fudge In My Kitchen

I really thought I was not going to be able to join in with In My Kitchen this month, but here I am with a little time on my hands to participate, before I get back to what I really should be doing...  
Early on in the month in My Kitchen were some Red Brussels Sprouts.  I used them in a warm salad.  I have taken a photograph of it, but it does not do the dish or the sprouts any favours. 
D is a fan of beetroot, so I picked this up with plans to make Beetroot Pasta Salad for work.
In My Kitchen I am still enjoying foodie gifts from the festive holidays, as well as the Beetroot
savoury beetroot and poppy seed, smoked paprika and black pepper and Chive and Sea-salt biscuits that I shared last month, I also have some Charcoal Crackers from Cradoc's.  These were given to me by my nephew.  These dainty charcoal crackers were in a box described as a Welsh Hamper, stick with me as I have more from that hamper below to share.  Just a note, these must have been made special for Christmas as it is not presently listed on the Cradoc's website.  I consider myself lucky!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Vegan Green Meatballs

I have made this recipe before, but I called it Hara Masala Kofta aka Green Sauce Meatballs. I had served it with Spaghetti before, this time the Green Meatballs that happen to be vegan, were served with steamed Basmati rice.

The aromatic coriander green sauce clung beautifully to the mock 'meatballs'.  I enjoyed every mouthful.
By the way, my blogger friend The Veg Hog  is hosting #EatYourGreens Vegetarian and Vegan Blog challenge this month, so please do join in.   For those of you who have not participated before, please Follow this link on how to join in This Vegan Green Meatball recipe is my contribution to Eat Your Greens this month. 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Mushroom Wellington Roast Spiral

These Mushroom Wellington Roast Spirals  were inspired from my time in Glasgow and when we went to The 13th Note in Merchant City.  The 13th Note was my favourite vegetarian/vegan  eatery in Glasgow, plus it being a popular music venue too.  

At the time there were not that many vegetarian or vegan eateries in Glasgow, there was The 13th Note, Mono and Stereo which was well  hidden in an alley way, unless of course you knew where to look and of course we did.   And there was The 78 Cafe Bar near Kelvingrove Art Museum. but it was relatively new. There was also Grassroots that was close to the University of Glasgow but the the vegetarian - vegan cafe closed down in 2009, though I have recently learned that it has re-opened once again.  It was one of my haunts in my University days.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

February Eat Your Greens hosted by The VegHog

Welcome back to Eat Your Greens challenge for 2018. 
The Veg Hog will be hosting #EatYourGreens challenge this month.  

For those of you who have not participated before, please Follow this link on how to join in 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Rosemary Cashews

I have been admiring Johanna's efforts over the festive season.  She got round to making everything that I wanted to, but did not from nut roast, mince pies to fudge and even panforte.  However, it was after seeing Johanna's homemade Sweet and spicy nuts that I was prompted to make some  savoury nibbles at home.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Food Photographs Not Good for Blogging

In the past I have seen fellow bloggers share blog post of their fails in the kitchen, I  thought I would share some food related photographs that did not make a blog post in their own right.

Here is a vegetarian roast dinner with mock 'meat' slices.  I loved the colours but the presentation let me down.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Vegan Haggis Samosa for an Alternative Burns Night

A few years ago, D and myself lived in the city of Glasgow, Scotland and we often visited the Kelvingrove Museum.  It was there that we first saw an actual ‘Haggis Scoticus .  
Haggis Scoticus
Haggis Scoticus is the fictional wild haggis animal from which the original haggis is 'claimed' to have been made from. See the prepared MacSween example next to it.  Haggis continues to remain an interesting subject for people all over the world.  
from Glasgow Kelvingrove Museum
I have written before how ethnically diverse communities in Scotland had incorporated haggis into their traditional cuisine, form example haggis pakora or bhajis can be found at some South Asian (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) restaurants; haggis wontons and haggis spring rolls at some Chinese Take-aways in Glasgow and haggis samosa in Edinburgh. 
One of the best places to eat  vegetarian haggis samosa in my opinion has to be the Baked Potato in Edinburgh.  Another modern twist on the haggis is a dish called the ‘Flying Scotsman’ chicken stuffed with haggis. Haggis features quite a lot now in Scottish fast food. There is haggis burger, a patty of fried haggis served on a bun, haggis fritters, haggis pasties, haggis pies topped with a swirly mash, haggis savoury crepes, haggis wrapped in tortilla, haggis nachos, haggis lasagne, haggis macaroni cheese, haggis crisps and much much more. I’ve even created some with my own twist, mushroom haggis pakorashaggis pakora bites, and haggis tikkia to name a few

But I no longer live in Scotland, yet I still reminesce of my time their with great fondness. So I am pleased that I am able to make vegan haggis from scratch at some made mostly with various pulses, oats and vegetables.  There are so many vegetarian and vegan haggis recipes on the world wide web, however the recipe I made was adapted from Hendersons. If anyone should be making a good version of vegetarian Haggis, it has to be Hendersons Bistro and Restaurant, a Scottish institution.
These days there many versions of vegan and vegetarian haggis on blogosphere, but I still use Hendersons as a base and spice it up a little.  It is this very haggis recipe that I stuffed into my homemade vegan Haggis Samosa's.  I actually made these last year, when I wrote about an Alternative Scottish Fusion Burns Supper, but did not get round to showcasing it. Enjoy.