Monday, 26 June 2017

Another Easy Thai Green Coconut Curry

A few days ago, I made one of our staple quick stand by vegetarian meals  (actually its vegan) Thai Green Curry.  

I enjoy  making this Easy Thai Green Curry as it comes together quite quickly when you want something on the table in a hurry. 
I have been making variations of this Thai Green Curry for years, some of which I have blogged over the years and some I have not.  This version will be shared with Inheritance Recipes co hosted by Solange at Pebble Soup and Coffee and Vanilla.  I am also sharing it with Eat Your Greens.  

This Thai Green Curry has lots of green vegetables: mangetout, green beans, broad beans, edamame. soya beans and baby gem lettuce pierced by creamy cauliflower and orange carrots. 
For the recipe, follow this link - I just changed some of the vegetables. Nice change. 

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Coconut Flour & Coconut Blossom Syrup Fudge (vegan)

Last month I mentioned that I have a thing for fudge at the moment.  I have made vegetarian fudgevegan fudge and even raw fudge.  Well here are some more that I have dubbed as Quadruple Coconut Fudge as its made with coconut flour, coconut blossom syrup, coconut oil and dessicated coconut. 
For a long while, I have been dilly dallying what to do with my stash of coconut flour...  By the way, Is coconut flour the same as coconut milk powder????? I cannot seem to get a definitive answer on this question on any of the website, or maybe I am just not cooking in the right places. Anyway, this recipe for Coconut Flour Fudge is much of an on-going experiment with coconut flour being treated a little like milk powder for Indian style Burfi's
This Coconut Flour and coconut Blossom Syrup Fudge is good for up to 3 weeks as long as its kept in the fridge. I preferred this a few days later when the texture changed.  It firmed up even further and became more fudge like. It also crumbled like sugary icing fudge too, but I must warn you this is not sugary sweet, it has a subtle sweetness. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Kristy Turner's Roasted Broccoli and Apple Salad

The bookmarked recipes on my blog continue. 

This Roasted Broccoli and Apple Salad is my second bookmarked recipe from Kristy Turners But I could Never Go Vegan, the first was BBQ Cauliflower Salad.  
I was tempted to make this Roasted Broccoli and Apple Salad for two other reasons. First, its nearly summer and we need more salads in our diet; and secondly, my blogger friend Johanna who blogs over at Green Gourmet Giraffe had made this very salad a few months back and it got me interested in trying it, especially as apples are replacing bananas in my fruit bowl at home and in the lunch box.  

Monday, 19 June 2017

Sunshine on my Back Garden

The weather in the UK is glorious. Over the weekend, we spend time in the garden, but we did more ducking in and out due to the intensity of the heat.  The weather was designed more for those wishing to sit out and sip on something cool, than us gardeners digging the earth and weeding, but I must not grumble.  It finally feels like Junes weather has arrived in style captured wonderfully in this postcard photograph.  I love this picture taken my husband and the red roses too. 
This is leading up our garden path, and I do mean upwards!
I have some hanging pots on the side fence filled with colourful violas and pansies, not just for colour but also because they are edible and adorn many a dish from sweet to savoury.  I also have some nasturtium in the garden plot.  I think next week we will see some a spectrum of orange shades tumbling down the path.