Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Vegan Mofo Begins Again for This Vegetarian

I have decided to participate in Vegan Mofo all over again.   

Not because of the new readers or extra traffic, though that is nice.  I do it more as a vegetarian who still considers herself on the path to veganism.  If your already vegan, then yes - Vegan Mofo is a way of life, as every day is Vegan Day and every month is Vegan Month, but for a vegetarian like myself, its a little challenge and I hope you will enjoy my read this month. 

Many of you will know that I am not a vegan, but a vegetarian, however a lot of what I do cook from scratch happens to be vegan friendly.  Therefore, September 2015 this blog will be free of all animal products such as cheese, dairy, eggs and  honey. 

I do not  have a theme for Vegan MoFo, but if there was going to be a theme it would be seasonal vegetables, of course and I might even throw in some recipes inspired by my Welsh roots too, such as the Welsh Lady's vegan laverbread caviar that I promised last year.
So let it begin, the first question asked by Vegan Mofo is Rise and Shine.  Tell us about your favourite vegan breakfast/brunch.  Depending on my mood, its a toss between this Cacao Nibs, Raw Chocolate and Cocoa Muesli  with this dairy free alternative to milk and this vegan 'facon' bacon, lettuce and tomato (vBLT) sandwich.     
I just love everything about it.  And it is for this reason, I made some in readiness at the weekend for Vegan Mofo 2015

My Legume Love Affair Round Up

Here is the Round Up of My Legume Love Affair #86 for August 2015.  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, I loved meeting new bloggers and discovering some new recipes from around the world.  
Sowmya from Bread Therapy shared with us these golden and crisp Vendhiyam Dosa aka Fenugreek Crepe made with (urad dal) skinned black gram.
Asiya Subhani from Yummy Indian Kitchen shares with us Green Gram aka Moong Dal Dosa, here it is served with  a chutney.
Lata Raja from Flavours and Tastes shared Beetroot Pesaruttu made with green gram (mung dal).  This is a savoury spicy pancake.  The colour is quite interesting too. This one is bookmarked as I am always looking for different recipes to make with beetroot.
The lovely Linzi from Lancashire Food, we have a Chickpea, Lentil and Spinach Cheats Curry.  I adore chickpeas and the colour of this homely quick curry is just appealing.  
Janet from The Taste Space brings to the table a rather colourful, yet autumnal looking Southwestern Mixed Bean Salad doused with a chilli lime dressing.  
Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen also shares a salad.  This is a Chickpea Salad with vegan mayonnaise. I have to admit, the vegan mayo looks super rich and one I would be more than happy to try.
Jen from Chardonnay & Samphire offers us a plate of Flageolet Beans with Thyme and Mushrooms.  Don't be deceived by the name of this dish, his is a creamy garlicky dish with succulent mushrooms.
Cate Lawrence from The Travelling Cook brings to the MLLA table something completely different - Mushroom, White Beans and Ale Open Pie. Yahoo - pie season is upon us.  
The Veg Hog shares with us Koshari, a Egyptian dish made with rice, chickpeas and lentils.  If you haven't had it, you must - its street food, but also comfort food. 
And finally my own contribution of Carrot, Pepper and Red Lentil Tagine which was a bookmarked recipe from a vegan cookbook.  Once again, I would like to thank everyone for sharing their legume based recipes; and thank Lisa for permitting to be your humble host. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Shades of Tomato

I thought I'd let you peek into our greenhouse.  Compared to last year, our tomatoes are thriving, but everything else has been either been neglected or lost our to the voracious appetite of the butterflies and dastard snails and slugs.  
As you can see, we have loads of tomatoes still growing. 
Loads still ripening. 
Loads to eat. 
Okay now onto my little harvest for Harvest Monday, other than the many tomatoes.
The green stripey courgettes have been a bit slow.  I've used them in a few recipes, but one recipe that has got me all excited has been baked courgette - zucchini fries aka chips, I will share the recipe later this week.  I also harvested my second golden courgette.  I have to show it off in all its glory as I am not that confident of many others being harvested, as the horrid slugs are beating me to them. 
On Saturday when the rain stayed off, we pottered in the garden for a while.  I harvested some plums, as you can see our tree is burgeoning.  
I picked one plum that was rather splendid.  I dubbed it as Plum Bum, click the link if you haven't yet seen it.
Some plum were given to neighbours, these are for my family when I go over tomorrow for a cuppa tea. And of course, we will enjoy many in the sweet bakes, cakes and crumbles. 
The blueberry plant has been rewarding me with berries on and off, a handful in fact.  Not enough for a pie, but great scattered over cereals or yogurt. 
My runner beans and other climbing french beans are not worth shouting about either, but we have some that have been serving as an accompaniment to simple meals rather than playing a starring role.
I think our neighbour pitied us somewhat as he came on over Saturday afternoon and gifted us with some of his runner beans.  He even chopped them up for us.  I am sharing this harvest with Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Plum Bum

I harvested some plums from the garden yesterday.  I picked this splendid specimen that I've dubbed as Plum Bum.  After a little wipe and rub on my top, I ate it - two plums in one.  Delicious. 

I shared a load with our neighbours and in the next few days, I will share some with family and friends.  
For those of you who like looking closely, yes I know it looks like I have four left toes, but I assure you I have five ugly toes, I dislike wearing flip flops, but its the one time my feet get a breathe of fresh air.  

Photo an Hour: Glimpse of My Saturday

Inspired by Second Hand Susie I am joining in for the first time with Photo and Hour.  The 29th August was chosen as photo an hour day this month.

Here are some snaps from one of my first Saturday in weeks when I have not been been working. So it began with a much needed long sleep in. 

Around 10am - I never take for granted my first cup of tea made by my lovely D.  I take it to the computer and check out my blog, e mails, world news etc. While D messes with the boiler as we have no hot water coming from the taps, a bit of fiddling and its up and running - I can finally go and have a shower
Around 11am, As I dry my hair with a towel, I take a peek through the back window.  Thoughts are turning to the garden and perhaps some harvesting.
Around 12am, I inspect and pick some plums from our fruit tree and give some to our neighbours - left and right, as we have way to many for us. 
Around 1pm - D decides instead of having a lazy Saturday, he would weed the slabs in the front of the house, and somehow ropes me into helping him.  It looks much better now that it is done.
Around 2pm - We both sit down and have a deserved slice of homemade Blueberry and Apple Galette (I will share the recipe soon).
Around 3pm - I decide to do some laundry and more laundry.
Around 4pm, one of my elderly neighbours comes round with a bag full of runner beans, all topped, tailed and sliced.  Really generous and really kind.  He could see our green beans are a sad selection this year. 
Around 5pm, as its a long weekend with the Bank Holiday I make some vegetarian 'facon bacon' for us to lunch on during the day. Its good and lasts a fortnight, as long as it is refrigerated.
Around 6pm, I hover over my selection of vegetarian, vegan and general cookbooks looking for inspiration for week day meals. 
Around 7pm, I perch myself in front of the computer for today's blog post which is about #EatYourGreens  vegetarian and vegan recipe submissions which make use of green vegetables. 
Around 8pm, we decide on what movie to watch from our DVD collection.  We watch 'Seven Psychopaths'.
Around 9pm, more than an hour or so into our movie, D brings over a plate of crackers and cheese.  I usually like popcorn, but if he is doing the late night nibbles round, its often cheesy crackers.
Around 10pm . blowing out the soy scented Coconut candle to go to bed. 

Its been interesting cataloguing my day in hours, not the most exciting, adventurous or glamorous, but hey that is me.  Did you participate in Photo An Hour?  If not, would you be interested?  Photo and Hour is hosted by Jane and Louisa
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