Friday, 3 July 2015

Individual Mint Flecked Green Quiches

I made this so called Mint Flecked Green Quiche a couple of weeks back when D was bringing home asparagus bundles.  I had a few ideas as to what to do with the asparagus, but D requested quiche, as its not something I make that often.  

Well with it being Summer and all that, how can I refuse a dish that can be portable too, especially when you make them in individual pastry cases. 
D complimented that he could really taste the asparagus.  The peas were dotted here and there like green marbles and the mint, minced to its dear life - flecking the golden cheesy creamy topping. I personally found the Quiche incredibly rich and actually struggled to eat a whole one, even though it was served with a side of salad.
You could make this with any other green vegetable, but as asparagus and mint are in season, I chose to go with the flow. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Eat Your Greens #13

Welcome to the Round Up for 'Eat Your Greens' #13.    
This is a monthly vegetarian and vegan cooking challenge for food bloggers to make something with a green vegetable (or fruit) each month.  
First up we have  Janet from the Taste Space with Sweet and Salty Tahini Asparagus and Quinoa Salad
Next we have Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary with Teff Salad with Sprouted Beans, Pea Shoots and Wild Garlic.  
Manpreet from Healthy Eats for All with Quinoa Corn Bhel Savoury Snack.  The greens here are cucumber and coriander. 
The Veg Hog shares a colourful plate of Pasta with Pea Shoots, Baby Leaf Pesto and Sundried Tomatoes
Jen from Chardonnay & Samphire shares with us a lovely plate of Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables and Lemon Cashew Sauce.  The greens here are baby courgettes, broad beans and asparagus.  

Choclette formerly of Chocolate Log Blog  and now Tin and Thyme brings to the table Fat Hen and Chick Weed Pesto.  Please go by and check each contribution, I know my fellow bloggers would appreciate it.  Also I am welcoming #EatYourGreen recipes for July.  Follow this link on how to participate.  I hope you will also be able to join in the Vegetable Palette challenge too, the theme is Glorious Reds.  
And finally, my own contribution to Eat Your Greens - a Sea Vegetable Quiche made with Laverbread, Samphire and Seaweed Flakes.  

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Raw Strawberry Chilli Chia Jam

Like most food bloggers, I discovered the magic of chia seeds a couple of years ago.  As well as using it in Puddings, I actually also made a Raspberry Chilli Chia Jam, but never got round to blogging about it.  This time I was determined to get a picture and share it with you - the only difference is this one is made from strawberries from my garden.
The Raw Strawberry Chilli Chia Jam was not only spread on a piece of toast, but also on warm home-made Lemonade Scones.  Lemonade scones contrary to its name, do not taste like lemonade at all. The fizzy lemonade seems to aerate the scones, giving them oomf and a bit of height, but nothing lemony about them at all. 
The Raw Strawberry Chilli Chia Jam is not sweet like traditional strawberry jam made with sugar and pectin, but nonetheless it was pleasant and made for an interesting change, and you know me - dousing a bit of chilli here and there, but its completely optional.  I am sharing this with Vegetarian Mama for Gluten Free Fridays

Vegetable Palette: Blushing Pinks

Welcome to June's edition of The Vegetable Palette Round Up: natures colours - natures goodness''. 
The theme for June was Blushing Pinks.  (Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the new theme if you would like to take part this month).
The first entry comes from the Veg Hog with Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn Overnight Oats.  I would feel rather lavish tucking into this rather elegant breakfast, but its nice to have a touch of luxury now and again. I love that it is portable too, perfect to take into work for us early birds.
The second entry comes from Katie from Feeding Boys and a Firefighter with a Fresh and Punchy Beetroot Relish.   This  beautifully majestic looking relish would be awesome with some home-made Black Bean Burgers.  In fact, I may give this a go come this weekend, I especially like the addition of horseradish for extra kick.  
Next may I introduce you to a new contributor to Vegetable Palette, we have Ema from De Tout Coeur Limousin with Rhubarb and Elderflower Compote.  Just look at the sheen and colour!  Ema describes this as a quick and easy recipe, I shall try it for sure as my husband loves all things tangy, tart and sharp.  I love that she has also used seasonal elderflowers, I keep seeing them on drives, but have not managed to harvest any for sweet treats. 
The lovely Jen from Chardonnay & Samphire shares with us Plum and Fig Crumble.  Loving the way the pinkness from the plums oozes to the top, this Crumble is also elevated further with the addition of coconut and almonds for crunch.  I know this is a dessert, but I could easily eat it for breakfast too.
And finally my own contribution of Rhubarb, Rosewater and Rose Petal Streusel Crumble Slices.  Did you know that rhubarb is actually a vegetable, not a fruit?!

If you would like to participate in the Vegetable Palette, then please follow this link on how to participate.  The theme for July is Glorious Reds 
 -  Think tomatoes, red peppers, red chilli, beetroot, red onion...  Please note I will accept fruit too, but vegetables would be preferred.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Jar of Golden Daisy 'Honey', Biscotti and Cupcakes

I have been fortunate in the last few months to have sampled Ethiopian-Eritrean Marble Cake, Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, Polish and Czech sweet pastries, Irish soda bread, Norwegian Sandbakkels, Sri Lankan Coconut Roti, Pakistani Purple Cabbage Sabzi - much of it thanks to the diversity of colleagues in my workplace. 
Most recently a beautiful colleague at work from Czech background bestowed upon me a jar of home-made Daisy 'Honey', yes you read right Daisy Honey.  She advised it was good for colds and to stir a teaspoon or two into hot water when feeling poorly.   As you can see from the label, she made it with her son Pavel who is 8 years old. Do you want the recipe? Let me know and I will see if she will share it with me.  I remember her saying its an easy recipe, the hard part is picking the daisies.
Another colleague at work who is a fantastic cook from Vietnamese background tried her hand at making some Cranberry, Pistachio and Almond Biscotti.  It was her first time making biscotti and she should be pleased.  I enjoyed them and so did D dunking them into his coffee, but my mother also took a couple of me too .

I am waiting on my Zimbabwean colleague for an authentic Zimbabwean recipe.  He has promised to nag his mother and get a vegetarian or vegan Zimbabwean recipe for me, but I am still waiting.  I am also waiting patiently for my Ethiopian colleague to show me how to make authentic Injera
And finally, a lovely Welsh colleague who is talented in many way, but its her skills in the kitchen that got me interested when she encouraged me and a few other people from the office to have a go at piping cupcakes with butter cream frosting.  Piping cakes is not my forte but I was well pleased with the result above, but I need more practise as its not easy as it looks.  
A bonus of this was getting to take home some Butter cream Cupcakes, nom nom.  She recently brought into the office, 

Have you been bestowed with edible goodies from friends, family or work colleagues lately.