Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Raspberry Chocolate Brownies

Young cool nephews and beautiful nieces,  are reading this blog post? as I made these Chocolate Brownies to tease you from afar.

Yes, I can hear you all 'what a mean Aunty Shaheen!' 

Yeah more for me and your Uncle, but you can have some if you come on over, better be quick as they are disappearing fast. 
So that its not all sugar and chocolate,  l stirred some home-grown raspberries into the chocolate batter and scattered some on the top too.
 There is nothing more to say, except that they are scrummy - I have already had two pieces. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Vegetarian Jerk Spiced Scotch Egg

I have quite a number of Vegetarian Scotch Egg recipes on my blog making everything from scratch.  I created one not that long ago when I returned back home to Wales called Welsh Glamorgan Eggs made with Caerphilly cheese, leeks and mustard; or even my Red Dragon Welsh Vegetarian Scotch Eggs enhanced with chilli flakes for fiery warmth. My last effort was last year around Halloween Beetroot Scotch Eggs dubbed Vampire Eggs, not because of garlic content but the beet red colour. 

After having made some Za'atar  infused vegan meatballs with the Vegetarian 'sausage' mix that I got from Suma Wholefoods  D suggested that I make some vegetarian Scotch eggs with the remainder of the packet. Oh what a smarty pants I thought, then it dawned on me, sneaky man - You like them, but that is okay as I was more than happy to make them for him and some for me. But they were not going to be plain Vegetarian Scotch Eggs, these were going to be enhanced further, this time with some Jamaican flavours - namely thyme, all spice, scotch bonnet and limes.
Oh my, they were super super tasty and zesty too.  I would so so make these again.  Of course you can make everything from scratch and I often do, but there are times when convenience suits. These Vegetarian Jerk Spiced Scotch Eggs were really easy to put together and quick to make if you use some ready made products: Vegetarian 'sausage' mix . You can even buy ready made Jerk paste, but I actually did make my own as I have found some shop bought ones ridiculously salty. 

My homemade jerk paste was sweet and fiery, I also loved the kick not just from the Scotch Bonnet, but the black peppercorns too.  The only fiddly part of this recipe was removing the egg shells and moulding the eggs with the mixture, but the more you practice the easier it gets.  
So what was D's verdict - nom nom nom...what more can I say.  He is already hinting that I should make some mores, especially as I have been boasting that they are so easy to knock up. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Runner Beans and Sweet Cherry Tomatoes

I mentioned yesterday that early in the week we had every weather hit us thanks to Hurricane Bertha.  We woke up in the morning, only to find the one vegetable doing brilliantly in the garden had been given a good bashing from the weather - the runner beans.  

One of our climbing bean frames was on its side.  We managed to get it back upright, but its not the same as the structure is now weakened and some of the roots have been pulled from the soil.   I have harvested a load of runner beans, and will probably freeze a load of them, but I want to make the most of them while fresh, so any recipe suggestions would be most welcome.  
The climbing french beans are also doing relatively okay, these are Blue Lake and Blauhilde - a purple variety (see below) that lose their colour upon cooking. 
Some of you may remember from last week, that our greenhouse tomatoes have been hit by something, so supply has been disappointing, still we have managed to get some and enjoy them on the side.
I am sharing this very small harvest with Daphne Dandelions for Harvest Monday.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sri Lankan Chilli Coconut Runner Bean Pie

Early in the week we had every weather hit us thanks to Hurricane Bertha.  The sun shine, the rain fall, the thunder storms, the lightning, hailstones and then the blustery winds.  We woke up in the morning, only to look out of the bedroom window and  find the one vegetable doing brilliantly in the garden getting a good bashing from the weather.  One of our climbing bean frames was on its side.  We managed to get it back upright, but its not the same as the structure is now weakened.   Never mind. We harvested a load of runner beans,  I will probably freeze a load of them, but I want to make the most of them while fresh, so any recipe suggestions would be most welcome.  
I remembered making a Ceylonese Spiced Runner Beans recipe a few years back and thought why not incorporate some runner beans into a large pie.   I also had some Chilli Coconut Sambal that I decided to stir into the filling. The result this rather large Sri Lankan Chilli Coconut Runner Bean pie.  It is based on my Green Pasta Loaf. It has texture and bite from the runner beans and flavour from the Chilli Coconut Sambal.  There was heat from the chilli and sweetness from the coconut.  Its certainly different for a pie filling. 
This recipe is best made a day in advance, as it will cool down and making slicing a bit more effortless. Its fabulous for a picnic or as an accompaniment for a vegetarian friendly BBQ, with this in mind I have decided to share this Sri Lankan Chilli Coconut Runner Bean Pie with Vanesther at Bangers and Mash for this months The Spice Trail.  The Theme is Beach BBQ and the spice here is chill!. Also as Phaseolos coccineus are a scientific name for runner beans and I am going to use this as a good reason to share this pie with Caroline Makes and The More Than Occasional Baker for this months edition of AlphaBakes where the chosen letter is P.  Runner beans in some parts of the world are also known as Pole Beans too.  Finally, I am also sharing them with Karen at Lavender and Lovage for Tea Time Treats Picnic challenge also hosted with Janie at The Hedgecombers.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Za'atar Spiked Vegan Meatballs and Runner Beans Stew

Early in the week, the weather has temporarily changed from blazing hot to blustery windy rain falling horizontally.  So something a bit more stew liked was needed, but not too heavy.  It had to be light to eat, but relatively quick to make too.  
I also wanted to make the most of my home-grown runner beans, so having  just rediscovered my jar of Zaytoun Palestinian Za'atar -a zesty Middle Eastern seasoning made with wild thyme, toasted sesame seeds and sumac. I made a decision that Za'atar had to be an ingredient in this dish, not just as part of the tomato sauce base, but also incorporated into the Vegetarian 'sasuage' mix that I got from Suma wholefoods as part of the Suma Bloggers Network. I haven't used pre-packed blended mock meat products since my student days, but for convenience  and a trip down memory lane, thought I'd try them once again. Except these were not to be turned into vegetarian sausages, but vegan meatballs!
The meatballs were textually soft and highly seasoned without me requiring to add any more salt and pepper to it.  My only addition was spiking the mix with a little Za'atar spice and it did make a difference.  The tomato sauce base was also lightly infused with the Zaatar spices coming though gently, finished off with with bite and crunch from my home-grown runner beans.