Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day of rest

I was hoping to do a bit of gardening today, but its been rather nippy and breezy that I did not wish to stay out in the garden too long, I fib, at all in fact and was chased back to the warmth of the indoors.

Its been a rather lazy day, really. But instead of sitting in front of the computer catching up with blog reads (namely because the Internet has been temperamental), I've been sitting watching DVDs, flicking through cookbooks for inspiration and listening to music.  

Food has been a lazy affair too.  
Pan fried gnocchi with sauteed kale topped off with some Gorgonzola cheese. 

Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day and we can get some work done, like build those wigwams for the the sweet peas to start climbing up. 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Vegan Mexican Tamale Pies

Since my culinary adventure came to an expected end, I did not completely turn away from the local food scene.  I have a food stall at selected food markets.  I have been keeping a foot in partly to stay focused and partly to earn a little income whilst hunting for full-time employment, but truth is I barely break even, still it keeps me distracted of sorts.  I am trying best to create original and different portable vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as cakes that no-one else is selling at food markets.   

Well one of the original pies that I have recently introduced has been these individual Mexican Tamale Pies.  There are lots of Mexican Pies about encased in pastry, but not like this one.  I've been describing these as a Mexican version of a Sherpherds Pie - soy mincemeat base with beans and topped off with a creamy cornmeal topping.  And to make them more appealing to the eye, I have topped them off with a dried red chilli.  Unlike my other pastry pies, I do-not advise on eating these cold or even at room temperature, but to take home and re-heat in the oven (or microwave if you so wish). 

Today, these sold out.  They sold out last weekend too! 
One of my customers is from Mexico and she has given it the thumbs up, saying she is neither vegetarian or vegan for that, but these vegan Mexican Tamale Pies mimics the real thing she is used to back home real good.  A good compliment don't you think?! 

If you wish to see the filling, please follow this link where I have made this very same recipe in individual serving dishes 
I am sharing some of these individual Mexican Tamale Pies with Vanesther at Bangers and Mash who is hosting Mexican Month on the Spice Trail - Ariba Ariba!.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Garden Dug

Early in the month I showed you my new growing space - click here if you missed that post.
Well let me show you some good progress 
I dug this front part up a couple of weeks back and out of nowhere raspberry stalks have sprung up.  Too many in fact, that I am trying to control them, as I want a vegetable patch, not a raspberry garden.
Here is the garden from the top end.  I started the weeding and digging, and D finished it off just a few hours back.  He's going to have a sore back tomorrow, its been a long while since he dug the ground.  Like me, he is very excited to be growing fruit and vegetables again, but for him - its the greenhouse - he wants home-grown tomatoes.  I think he will get some, but not in the quantities he's grown in the past (see here) - slowly slowly we will get there once again.   

You can see the greenhouse at the front.  Lots of seeds are sprouting, including tomatoes!
Below we have some sweet peas that are crying to come out of the seedling box.  We will be building wigwams tomorrow for them to climb up on. 
Oh something I did not show you in the previous growing space post, is our pergola, makes me feel oh la la.  I love it - but D has other ideas.  Because the strong gusts of wind early this year, the pergola has been given a good battering.  Its not straight, so he is thinking perhaps removing it next year. 
I hope not, as I am loving it and the climbing roses and clematis that is climbing all over it. are just going to look gorgeous when they bloom  
And finally, somewhere for me to hang my recycled lanterns - I brought these withe me when we moved from Glasgow.